Restroations of Marble & Granite / Tile Cleaning

We’re the right company to restore your natural stone. Here’s why: The beauty of natural stone is that no matter how scratched, etched, or worn with age it becomes, Kantipur Building Management ( KBM ) Service, can restore it to its original beauty. We can also alter the final finish of the stone to a gloss, matte, or satin luster. Our restoration process is a fraction of the cost of replacing the stone and may actually increase your stone’s value.

We provide the ultimate in professional, reliable, and effective stone restoration and care for our customers. Our passion for beautifying natural stone combined with our extensive expertise and intensive technician training allows us to fulfill our mission for all our clients, no matter what their needs.

We are a natural stone restoration company providing services in Kathmandu Nepal. We are doing Natural Stone restoration diamond grind, refinish and polish on marble, granite terrazzo floors, bathrooms and kitchen counter tops etc.