Why outsource your housekeeping with KBMS ?

KBMS is the first, and the leading, outsourced housekeeping service provider in Kathmandu Nepal. KBMS has obtained the latest in housekeeping Management System, has assembled an experienced leadership team, can boast access to HR, legal and payroll services for all of their clients, and are able to offer a guarantee of compliance.

The advantage of outsourcing HR functions for housekeeping services is that it allows the hotel to mitigate risk; as KBMS  manage and guarantee compliance across work rights, Occupational Health and Safety requirements, contractual requirements and the Fair Work Act.

Focusing on transparency, KBMS has launched a client app to provide real-time operations data for each client. The systems and processes KBMS has established provide their clients with a seamless, regulated, and simple method to outsourced housekeeping.

KBMS is a cost-effective option, offering short-term labor hire (as little as 4 hours per shift) to allow hotels to fill sudden workforce gaps. KBMS tailors its service models to meet its clients needs and save on expenditure.