Kantipur Building Management Service !!!


Kantipur Building Management (KBM) Service values the outlined below are imperative success of our business. We belief organization must gain the respect and trust of its clients and stakeholders, both internal and external.

In order to gain this respect and trust, Kantipur Building Management (KBM) Service instills in every Team Member Following Company’s Values without exception.


The key progress of our organization is to foster an environment of innovation and research, development, systems and process.


To be open, honest, flexible and reliable in all professional dealings and services.

Strong Team Unity

To work together as a team and create synergy in all business activities.


Kantipur Building Management (KBM) Service is an “equal employment opportunity” employer. We take the recruit­ment process very seriously and have developed clear job specifications for every position in the com­pany. We follow the recruitment process as outlined on the following pages.

Respect and Dignity

To always regard others, internal and external to the company, with dignity & respect.