QUALITY MANAGEMENT SERVICE ISO 9001 : 2015 CERTIFIED Kantipur Building Management Service Pvt. Ltd has successfully achieved the certification of the Quality Management System under the new ISO Standard 9001:2015

Housekeeping-full model

Housekeeping-full model Our most comprehensive servicing solution option, this model takes full advantage of the expertise we can provide. The entire department is operated by us according to pre-determined structure

Labor hire !!!

Labor hire !!! When you don’t have enough housekeepers, we can help. We have fully trained team members ready to work with you through those peaks and troughs. No fixed

What are the benefits of outsourcing housekeeping? For hotels who choose to outsource their housekeeping services, they can benefit from the latest housekeeping technology and systems, a fully-trained and flexible

Why outsource housekeeping services? The demand for housekeeping services in hotels can be particularly inconsistent. We witnessed this during the COVID-19 pandemic when many hotels were faced with having to

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